lightning struck by lightning weather Beware of solar water heaters

Mar 06, 2009
Solar water heaters as energy saving products in recent years gradually recognized and accepted by consumers, but thunderstorms environment, this water heater is hidden serious security risk. Need to adopt heat, solar water heaters are usually installed in the roof height, but this makes the solar water heater in the thunderstorm weather more vulnerable to lightning attacks will not only result in the destruction of solar collector panels, will make a big thunder and lightning along the power lines, water direct access catheters and other indoor , indoor workers or household appliances being struck by lightning. How to ensure the solar water heater during a lightning storm in the use of safe, first of all, when there is thunder or lightning do not use solar water heaters; Second, be sure to install lightning protection devices for the solar water heater (including the lightning rod , belt, deflectors, grounding devices), Water heaters in the lightning rod (with) in the context of effective protection; again, solar water heater to take the shield to protect power lines and power supply in the power switch to install lightning protection devices; Finally, the installation of lightning protection facilities, the best to please with mine Construction of qualified construction unit.