Solar Controller SR609C

Solar Controller SR609C
Solar controller SR609C
SR609C solar water heater intelligent controller, used for integrated pressure solar energy, developed by the latest Dutch NXP high-performance single-chip microcomputer, realizes intelligent control; all devices adopt industrial grade standard, can run freely in cold, high temperature and humid environment. At the same time, the clock chip is used, and the timing control is accurate. The controller LCD liquid crystal display, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, easy installation, become the most ideal accessory product for solar water heaters.
There are 2 models of SR609C, which are controlled electric heating 1500W and 3000W respectively.
Operation Manual of Controller SR609C.
Solar controller main technical data:
1. 1500W controller dimensions: 187mmX128mmX46mm.
2. 3000W controller dimensions: 205mmX150mmX50mm.
3. Power supply: AC100-240V,50Hz.
4. Power for water loading: <3W.
5. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2℃.
6. Range of tank temperature measuring: 0~99℃.
7. Power for heating element:≤1500W/3000W (Two model number can be choice).
8. Ambient temperature:-10℃ ~ 50℃.
9. Water proof grade: IP40.

SR609C solar controller main functions:
1. LCD display
2. Clock display
3. THET timing heating
4. TCYC water end circulation pump three time temperature / time setting
5. PHTC heating time control
6. CFR water tank antifreeze protection
7. UNIT conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit
8. BEEP buzzer fault alarm
9. RST reset function
10. M.H manual heating
11. Intelligent heating mode
12. Economic model
13. View measured values
14. Protection function
15. Power failure memory protection
16. Screen saver
17. Fault protection
Solar controller SR609C system diagram:
Schematic Diagram Solar Controller SR609C
Schematic diagram Solar controller SR609C