Circulation Pump RS-15/6

Circulating Pump
Circulation Pump For Solar Heating Systems
Circulation pump feature:
Wet motor pump, low noise
There pre-selectable speed stages for power adjustment
Electrical connections possible on both sides of the terminal box
Terminal Box position: 3h ; 6h ; 9h ; 12h
Circulation pump application:
Hot water heating systems of all kinds
Industrial circulation systems
Cold water system and air-conditioning systems
Roof tank to water tap transfer(ST20/11 with flow switch) (ST20/11)
Pump Curves
Pump curves

Dimension Drawing
Dimension drawing
Terminal Diagram Environment Logo
Terminal diagram

Specification (RS15/6)
Electrical connection 
Power source 1~220V/50Hz
Input power P1 (W) 93/67/46
Approved fluids Clean water
Fluid temp (℃)  -10 ~ +110
Performance data
Total head (m) 2006-5-3
Max flow(l/min) 57/41/25
Inlet size (mm) 15
Outlet size (mm) 15
Max pressure (bar) 10
Protection class IP42
Weight  (kg) 2.1
Casing Cast Iron 
Impeller Plastic
Shaft Stainless Steel  н