Jinyi Commercial Project Solar Water Heating System

Safe & Reliable:
Jinyi commercial project solar water heating system use solar energy as the main energy, and use electricity/gas energy or any others as auxiliary energy. It have lots of advantage: stable function, lots of safe measures.(leakage of electricity protection, automatically prevent heating without water, automatically close the system when there is breakdown)
Environment protection & energy saving:
Jinyi commercial project solar water heating system use solar energy, it's no environmental pollution. So this is the first selection as the green energy.
Convenience & practicability:
Jinyi commercial project solar water heating system achieve automatic supplying water, automatic electricity heating and automatic thermal circulation.
Widely application:
You can select different solar collector depending on different area, and our system extensively suit to hotel, hospital, school and dormitory in all four seasons.
System multiform:
Set the temperature to heat the water and use it, difference temperature circulation, setting the temperature circulation. So it can content the customer's most demands.
" Protect the environment, Save the energy " is the new century's hot spot, also is each Earth person's sacred responsibility.
Along with the energy crisis and the environmental pollution worsening, took the energy conservation, the environmental protection,the low cost green energy - solar-powered water heater, obtained the more and more favor from many consumers.
The main merit for solar water heating:
1. infinite energy widespread existence, most low cost supply hot water. So long as has the sunlight, then carries on the light hot transformation, throughout the year.
2. the green environmental protection product, the solar energy took one kind of pure renewable energy, has other energy incomparable merits: Does not have the environmental pollution, does not have the security hidden danger.
3. the service life is long, the major component vacuum tube design service life is 15 years approximately.
4. with other energy necessary uses, may realize the all-weather movement.
5. The economic efficiency is remarkable. An investment, profits is the solar energy hot water system remarkable characteristic for a long time. After our many years practice proof, in the ordinary circumstances, the solar-powered water heater may recoup the outlay of capital completely in 2-4 years.
Generally speaking, the solar-powered water heater each square meter collection hot area whole year equally every day may produce 40 ~ 50 ℃ above hot water 50 ~ 60 kilograms, each square meter collection hot area whole year approximately may have 60 ~ 700,000 kilocalories quantity of heats.
Solar energy and conventional energy source contrast class (whole year according to average sunshine time 280 days computations):
Take the daily production 8 tons water, only the temperature rise 40 ℃ , the price as 180,000 Yuan solar energies hot water project for the contrast object.
The industry uses electricity the unit price 0.80 Yuan, the electric boiler efficiency is 75%; City fuel gas 1.35 Yuan/m³, the fuel gas water heater efficiency is 70%; Diesel oil 4.5 Yuan/kg, the fuel oil efficiency of boiler is 70%. 

Compared with item The date needs the energy The date consumes the energy quantity The date consumes the energy expense The year consumes the energy expense Recoupment period
Solar energy hot water project 320,000 kilocalories / / / /
Electric boiler 320,000 kilocalories 496 du 397yuan 11.116 Ten thousand Yuan 1.6 years
Fuel gas water heater 320,000 kilocalories 131m³ 177yuan 4.956 Ten thousand Yuan 3.6 years
Fuel oil boiler 320,000 kilocalories 45㎏ 202yuan 5.656 Ten thousand Yuan 3.2 years

Indicated from the previous table contrast result that, the solar-powered water heater investment may take back completely in 2 ~4 years, 2 ~ 4 years later user can have the free use of hot water, namely every year be possible to save the electrical bill 111,160 Yuan, either every year can save the fuel gas spend 49,560 Yuan, either every year might save the fuel oil spend 56,560 Yuan.