Solar Pump Station SR962S

Double Pipeline Pump Station SR962S
Double pipeline pump station SR962S
This solar pump station is a preinstalled and leak-tested group of fitting for transferring heat from the collector to the storage tank.
It contains important fittings and safety devices for the operation of the solar thermal system:
Ball valves in flow and return in combination with check valves to prevent gravity circulation.
Flow rate check for displaying the flow rate.
Manometer for displaying the system pressure.
Safety valve to prevent inadmissible overpressure.
Flushing and filling unit for flushing, filling and emptying the solar thermal system.
Operation manual SR961S SR962S.
Solar Pump Station Main Functions:
Pump support:
1. Can be support Normal Pump.
2. Can be support High Efficiency pump.

Functions operation and parameters setup (user grade)
1. THET Timing heating
2. CIRC DHW water circulation function
3. tCYC temperature or time setting for DHW pump in three time sections
Functions operation and parameter setup (engineer grade)
1. DT Temperature difference for solar circuit pump
2. EMOF Maximum switch-off temperature of collector (for collector emergency close function)
3.  CMX Maximum limited temperature of collector (collector cooling function)
4.  CMN Low temperature protection of collector
5.  CFR frost protection temperature of collector
6.  SMX Maximum temperature of tank
7.  REC Recooling temperature of tank
8.  C_F Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit
FUN Auxiliary functions
1. DVWG Anti legionnaires' function
2.  P1 Pump P1 operation mode selection
3.  nMIN Pump speed adjustment(RPM control)
4.  DTS Standard temperature difference of pump (for speed adjustment)
5.  RIS Gain for circulation pump (speed adjusting)
6.  Pump P2 operation mode selection
7.  FTYP Flow meter type selection
8.  OHQM Thermal energy measuring
9.  FMAX Flow rate
10.  MEDT Type of heat transfer liquid
11.  MED% Concentration of heat transfer liquid
12.  INTV pump Intermission function
13.  tSTP Pump interval run-off time
14.  tRUN Pump interval run-on time
15.  AHO /AHF Automatic thermostat function
16.  COOL Tank cooling function
17.  BYPR Bypass function (high temperature)
18.  HND Manual control
19. PASS Password set
20. LOAD Recovery to factory set
21. “ON/OFF” Controller switch on/off button
22. Holiday function
23. Manual heating
24. Manually control DHW pump
25. Temperature checking function
26. Protection function
27. Memory protection
28. Screen protection
29. Pump dry running protection
30. Trouble shooting
31. Trouble protection
32. Trouble checking

Double pipeline pump station system diagram:
Schematic Diagram Double Pipeline Pump Station
Schematic diagram double pipeline pump station