Twin Way Pre Insulated Solar Hose

Insulated Solar Hose
Pre insulated solar hose only require 1 step to finish the Solar Water Heater Pipe Installation.
Pre-insulated flexible stainless steel solar hose with high temperature EPDM insulation pipe, Strong Jacketing protection and 2-core temperature sensor cable pre-assembled, it is an ideal choice for your solar thermal system. It realizes the fast pipe connection among solar collectors, the pump station and the water tank. Non-welding required!
The system is light weight and space saving, which is easy to handle, even in confined spaces. Flow and return pipes are marked clearly and can be easily distinguished.
Smart design-break point does good to installer separate twin pipes into 2 pipes without any destroy of the jacketing protection, meeting the installation demand very well.
Specifically designed for solar thermal panels:
1. Each coil includes both the feed and return pipes. Easy to distinguish the feed pipe and return pipe. Our Sensor cable is on one side of the twin pipe, which is easy to distinguish the feed pipe and return pipe line.
2. Flexible high-grade stainless steel tube 304. Maximum pressure up to 17.5 bar, Rated burst pressure 200 bar, 1050℃ high temperature annealing heat treatment, food grade.
3. 100% Genuine EPDM insulation pipe. Light, flexible, closed cell, synthetic caoutchouc; free of PVC and non- CFC. Very good ozone resistance, UV-resistant. Work Temperature range from -200℃ to 150℃, Max to 175℃.
4. Seamless UV resistant Jacketing coated on the insulation pipe is with a super high density water proof polyolefin copolymer foil. have excellent performance of UV-resistance, of strong tenacity performance, water proof, Machinery destroy-Protective and bird peck-Protective. passed 500hours UV test.
5. Coil length is available in 10, 15,20,30,60 meters. Other length is available upon customer's request.
6. Save money. Easy connection, no soldering required, Saves installation time, reduction costs.
7. Each Twin pipe can be separated from the joint point into 2 complete single pipes according to the installation requirements.
8. Save time, save space, save labor cost, realize the fast, easy and reliable solar pipes installation.

Piping systems for solar hot water, heating, heat pumps and air conditioning technology indoor, outdoor or underground piping system.
1) Twin solar hose
It consisting of high temperature resistance EPDM insulation, 2 x flexible corrugated stainless steel tubes (feed and return), UV-resistant, Silicone-sensor line, seamless jacketing protection. 
2) Single solar hose
It Consisting of high temperature resistance EPDM insulation, 1 x flexible corrugated stainless steel tube, UV-resistant, seamless jacketing protection. 
3) Single solar hose with Temperature Sensor Cable
It Consisting of high temperature resistance EPDM insulation, 1 x flexible corrugated stainless steel tube (feed and return), UV-resistant, Silicone-sensor line, seamless jacketing protection.
Twin/Single pre insulated solar hose Performance Data
Size Insulation Pipe SS-tube lengths (M) with/without control cable
Material Thickness  Temp Material Thickness
1/2" EPDM 13mm -200℃ to 175℃ SUS304 0.25mm 5/10/15/20 2-wire silicone cable
3/4" 20mm 0.25mm
1" 20mm 0.3mm

Technical specifications
Insulation Insulation
Material High quality synthetic elastomer (EPDM based) with a complete closed-cell structure.
Temperature range From -200℃ to +150℃ (up to 175 °C operating intermittent.)
Flammability: actual burning behavior B1 self-extinguishing, no fireball drops, limited fire spreading
Water Vapor permeability u>3000
Thermal Conductivity W/(m.K) 0℃=0.034,  24°C=0.037, 32°C=0.038, 40°C=0.039
Seamless Jacketing Protection Seamless jacketing protection
Material Seamless UV resistant and high mechanical resistant protective jacketing
UV Resistance Excellent UV and weather resistant properties. Passed 500 hours UV test.
Temperature Sensor Wire Temperature sensor wire
Temperature Range from -200℃ to +200℃
Flexible Copper 0.75m㎡
Wire Insulation Silicon
Rated Voltage 300/500 V
Electric Resistance 23.0 Ohm/km