Solar Collector Key Components


The heat pipe, heat transfer fin(Integrated aluminium transfer fin) and Three-target vacuum tube shown above form the heat absorption and transfer portion of the solar collector. Unlike some other vacuum tube heat pipe designs, JinYi Three-target vacuum tube and heat pipes are not joined or fused together. This allows the two components to move independently, allowing for building movement and the expansion and contraction that occurs daily in a solar system. For more information about Three-target vacuum tube click here, heat pipes click here.

Copper Header Pipe
The solar collectors header is designed to providing excellent heat transfer and corrosion resistance while using a simple"plug in" installation method.
The key features are as follows:
1. Heat pipe ports provide simple plug in installation while still ensuring tight contact with the heat pipes for optimal heat transfer. Thermal heat conduction grease is applied to the heat pipes condenser prior to insertion to further enhance heat transfer. Given the high temperatures that the manifold is exposed to, the expansion of the heat pipe condenser and "setting" of the heat conduction paste results in the heat pipe being firmly held in place. This ensures excellent heat transfer for the life of the solar collector. As the heat pipe is extremely reliable and durable, there is no need to ever remove or replace the heat pipe, even if changing a solar tube. 
2. The header pipes are molded to match the shape of the heat pipe ports in order to maximise contact area. In addition, the heat pipe ports are brazed to the header pipes providing a direct metallic connection. 
3. The "contoured" header pipe design produces turbulent water flow enhancing heat transfer. 
4. The header pipes are brazed using red copper, Copper header: 0.8mm, length:1700mm, lead free brazing rods, which are suitable for potable water and provide a strong, quality joint. 
5. Available in rear port or end port inlet/outlet configuration. 
6. 8mm ID copper temperatures sensor ports at both the inlet and outlet which are brazed directly to the header pipe for accurate temperature measurements.

Rock wool insulation layer:
Rock wool is a very popular insulation material, used throughout the world in many high temperature insulation applications. Rock wool is also non-flammable, and so an excellent choice for a high temperature solar thermal solar collector. One key advantage of rock wool is that it can be molded into any shape. Via a process similar to baking a cake, the rock wool is "cooked" at high temperatures matching perfectly the shape of the header and the heat-pipe vacuum tubes.
- Thermal conductivity coefficient(average temperatur70℃±5℃), k=0.040W/(m.k)
- Non-flammable (can withstand temperatures up to >600℃)
- Density=200kg/m3

Manifold casing
The manifold casing serves two main purposes, protecting the header and rock wool insulation from the elements, and making the collector attractive and neat. The casing is made from corrosion resistant grade aluminium alloy and is available in a matt black or silver finish.

Mounting Frame The JinYi Solar Collector can be installed on most roof surfaces, and a full range of roof angles. A standard frame is provided with all collectors, and additional frame kits are avaiable to suit most common installations. The various frame components can also be used to install on most other non-standard surfaces. The frames are designed to withstand high speed winds; the tubes provide minimal resistance due to the round shape. Attachment points must also be strong enough to withstand significant pull forces that will occur during strong winds.