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China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
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Incorporating the functions of R&D, manufacturing and marketing, Jinyi Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a company dedicated to the promotion of environmentally solar energy solution in China and globally.The company has a fully fledged of ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing unit for solar water heaters, solar collectors, and large scale solar hot water heating ......

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solar FAQ
1. What type of Solar Collectors does JinYi Manufacture?
2. What are Heat pipe Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and How do They Work?
3. What are U-Type Solar Collectors?
4. What are Non-pressure type Solar Collectors?
5. What are Flat Plate Solar Collectors?
6. How can I use Solar Hot Water at my Home?
7. What is Domestic Hot Water?
8. Can I Install my JinYi Solar Hot Water Heater Myself?
9. What is the Best Angle to Install my JinYi Solar Collectors at?
10.  Can JinYi solar collectors be used in cold conditions?
11. Can I use a solar collector with my existing hot water system?
12. How do I protect my solar system during subzero temperatures?
13. Can JinYi solar collectors be used for a large scale hot water production?
14. Are solar tube collectors more efficient than flat plate collectors?
15. Can JinYi solar collectors be used in a drainback configuration?
16. Collector Sizing
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