solar accessories

Solar workstation
Model: SR881

Single pipeline solar pump station For Solar Water Heating Systems

Max. number of collectors:1
Max. number of storage tanks:1
Max. number of relays:2
Max. number of sensors:3
Max. number of application system:1


Solar Controller
Solar controller

JINYI solar hot water heater intelligent controller is the product that we bring into market after a lot of tests, ours solar controller adopts single chip micyoco ( SMC) technology of American Motorola company, it is designed with PID comparison, integral calculus, differential calculus regulation principle, and through many living imitation experiment to optimize the controlling software, as a result ours solar controller represents lots of functions, ensure your solar system works automatically, especially to achieve automatic controlling of water level , displaying of water temperature and automatic
Circulating pump
Circulating pump

Model: RS 15/6
Identification Code
RS : Screwed-end pump
25/ : Connection size
6 : Rated shut-off head [m]

Electric heater
Electric heater

Electric heater is an auxiliary electric booster as to provide hot water on days without sunshine. We have 1.5kw electrical heater for 100-150l tank, 2.5kw for 200-500l tank

Pipe Fitting
Pipe Fitting

The union is a kind of tube connection. It can join the tube and the manifold box such as the SFB model, the SFC model etc. without turn around the tube or move the solar collector. It also can join any size of tubes with the manifold box just by your hands; so that, it’s profitable for you.

Solar roof hook

Thickness: 4.0mm
Material: 304 stainless steel
Application: heat pipe solar collector, vacuum tube solar collector, U pipe solar collector, flat plate solar collector, Solar panels.
safety valve

relief valve

Temperature and pressure safety valve.
Per impianti idrosanitari, a protezione dell'accumulo acqua calda.
Set temperature: 90°C.
Discharge capacity:
1/2” - 3/4" x Ø 15: 10 kW.
3/4” x Ø 22: 25 kW.
Factory set: 3 - 4 - 6 - 7 - 10 bar
Certified to EN 1490 as for set temperature: 4 - 7 - 10 bar.