Pre-heated solar hot water heaters

Model: JPC

The characteristic of Pre-heated solar water heater

Model: JPC
1) Use the copper coil as the heat exchanger, according with international fashion trend,it is simple to install and use.
2) It takes the advantage of the tap water's pressure. more pressure, more comfortable.
3) It can produce hot water with constant temperature, it is safe and comfortable to use.
4) The water can be heated rapidly, so it can produce the high quality hot water.
5) It can produce more hot water than the general types because it isn't.

JINYI solar offers a range of high quality tanks designed especially for "Pre-heating". These tanks can be used in combination with existing electric/gas mains pressure water heaters, or even as stand alone low pressure hot water systems with the addition of electric elements or external gas boosting.
Ideal for use as low pressure thermal stores, the JINYI pre-heating solar hot water heater is available with the addition internal coil heat exchanger.
JINYI “Pre-heating” solar water heater provide mains pressure via a high efficiency copper coil heat exchanger located within the tank. The way in which the mains pressure solar
collector heats water is the same as the non-pressure solar collector. Rather than using the water in the tank directly as the non-pressure does, the type uses a 45m-60m copper coil. A heat exchanger inside the tank provides more than 1.2m² of heat transfer area.
When cold water flows through the coil it absorbs heat from the water inside the pre-heating tank. The tank is therefore a thermal store.

Pre-heated solar hot water heater sketch map

Pre-heated solar hot water heater Schematic diagram