Flat split solar Hot Water



Model: JSF1

Flat split solar Hot Water (With one coils)

The JINYI Flat Split Solar Hot Water is an active system, because it uses a pump with a Flat plate solar controller to circulate the fluid between the heat pipe series Flat plate solar collector and the storage tank, tank and Flat plate solar collector are separate, while the collector is integrated in to the roof of the building, the tank and the pump station can installed anywhere of the building. The piping between the main components is made of brass and a special insulation with high temperature resistance for solar systems. An No coils System is suit for climates where there is no risk of freezing. Recirculation freeze protection can be provided by the Recirculation feature in the controller. An Open Loop Water Heating System provides many advantages. It is the simplest and typically the least expensive active system to install. There is no heat exchanger, which allows efficient heat transfer directly to the water. The system operates at standard line pressure. It is simple to add capacity to the system if demand changes. The system integrates easily with existing systems.

The main components of (With one coils) Flat split solar Hot Water:
1) JINYI Flat plate Solar collector
2) Solar Workstation including:
    Circulation pump,
    Check valve,
    JINYI intelligent solar controller with sensors
    rass connector
3) Solar pressurized tank (With one coils) from 100L to 500L 


The characteristics:

1. No disorder water tank on your roof
JINYI Flat Split Solar Hot Water is using a high efficiency solar collector on your roof and a high pressurized storage tank in the house. Integrated in to the roof of the building perfectly.

2. Pressure hot water, comfort bathing
It applies pressure bearing design, & in case of switch-on, it shall have pressure hot water immediately with strong water outgoing, large water quantity & flow.

3. Collector part module for freely assembly
Modulus collector component constituted by high temperature special effect pipe, & can be freely assembled as per requirements.

4. Intelligent control with complete function Control system of integration & intelligentization: convenient & quick;

5. Diversification of installation position, perfect combination with building
Heat collector shall be suitable for multi building style with diversification of installation position.

6. Separate type installation; simple & convenient.
Heat collector shall be separated with water storage tank, & water tank position shall have no limit. Standard modularization for fast assembly: easy & quick.

7. Use with cooperation of auxiliary energy resource
Auxiliary energy resource interface shall be reserved so as to achieve full day hot water supply with combination of electric energy, fuel oil & gas boiler.