Heat Pipe Solar thermal collectors

Model: JHC-5818

The characteristic of Solar thermal collectors

1) Reliable, efficient, twin-glass evacuated tubes.
2) Red copper(TU1) heat pipes, The water is heated by the heat pipe rapidly.
3) There is no water in the vacuum tube,so the tube will not break in the winter.
4) It can be combined with the architecture perfectly, standard frame suitable for pitched roof or flat roof .
5) It can be combined with existing pipeline.
6) Significant advantages over flat plate.
7) Can be used all year round in the cold climate.
8) Improves the environment and save your fuel cost.

The Principle of Thermosyphon

Metal Heat Pipe Solar Collector consists of a vacuum tube, a heat pipe, a metal heat absorption wing and the connecting manifold. The metal heat absorption wing with selective absorption coating converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers it medium liquid inside. The vacuum between the two glass tubes works as insulation. The liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapor which rises to the condenser. When passing through the heat exchanger, the heat is absorbed and the temperature is lowered, and the vapor becomes liquid, returns to the base of the heat pipe. This transference of heat is a continuous circulation as long as the collector is heated by the sun.

Solar Thermal Collector Key Components: How does a solar thermal collector work:
Solar Collector Key Components
Heat pipe evacuated collector tube

The details of material

1. Vacuum tube: Φ58×1800mm
2. Condensor: Red copper Φ24mm
3. Heat pipe: Red copper Φ8mm
4. Manifold casing: Aluminium alloy
5. Casing color: Silver, black
6. Header pipe: Red copper
7. Insulation layer: Rock wool
8. Frame: Aluminium alloy
9. Heat transfer fin: Integrated aluminium fin
10. Working pressure: 0.6MPa
11. Max. working pressure: 1.2MPa
12. Hail resistance: Φ25mm, Φ40mm
13. Ambient temperature: ≥-50℃
14. Inlet/outlet: Φ22mm(3/4")

Product Applications

1) Domestic, industrial and commercial heating use
2) Suitable for open or closed Loop (glycol-water)
3) Space heating
4) Caravan Parks, Hotels, Schools, Public Showers/Kitchens , Restaurants
5) For large scale water heating


Place of Origin
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Jinyi & OEM
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Minimum Order
1 sets
Supply Ability
3,000 sets/month
Delivery Time
7 days

Model Heat pipe vacuum tube  Condenser
Φ (mm)
Absorber area(㎡) L/W/H(mm)   Loading Qty (set)
Dia. / Len.(mm) Qty(pcs) 20' 40' 40'HQ
JHC-5818-10-E 58 1800 10 Ø 24 0.805 1980×1025×185 150 310 350
JHC-5818-15-E 58 1800 15 Ø 24 1.208 1980×1250×185 112 230 261
JHC-5818-18-E 58 1800 18 Ø 24 1.449 1980×1475×185 87 185 212
JHC-5818-20-E 58 1800 20 Ø 24 1.610 1980×1625×185 83 172 195
JHC-5818-24-E 58 1800 24 Ø 24 1.929 1980×1925×185 73 150 168
JHC-5818-30-E 58 1800 30 Ø 24 2.415 1980×2375×185 62 129 145