Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat plate solar collector working principle:
Flat plate solar collector is a metal box with a glass cover on top and a colored absorber plate at the middle. The sides and bottom of the collector are insulated to minimize heat loss. Sunlight passes through the glass cover and absorbed by the absorber plate, convert solar energy into heat energy. The heat energy is transferred to heat transfer liquid passing through copper pipes, which attached on the absorber plate.
The characteristic of flat plate solar collectors:
● Solar Keymark(EN12975) certified, click here.
● Available in 1.5, 2 and 2.5 square meters, flexible combination. 
● Blue titanium absorber coating.
● Combined with building perfectly, ideal for slope roof or flat roof installation.
● It can be combined with existing water heating device easily.
● Low maintenance.

Flat Plate Solar Collector Key Components

Flat plate solar collectors specification: 
1. Tempered glass: Low iron tempered glass, 3.2mm
2. Header pipe: Red copper.
3. Back sheet: Galvanized steel
4. Insulation layer: Glass wool
5. Riser pipe: Red copper.
6. Absorber plate: Blue titanium coating, absorptance ≥95%±2%, emittance: ≤5%±2%
7. Frame: Aluminum alloy
8. Working pressure: 0.6MPa.

Flat plate solar collector application:
1) Domestic water heating, such as shower, kitchen washing.etc.
2) Room heating, such as under floor and radiator heating.
3) Old heating equipment/system retrofit.
4) Large scale commercial solar water heating system, such as hotel, apartment, school, hospital.etc.

Parameter table:
Model Dimensions Gross Area Packing Size Loading Qty. (set)
(mm) (m2) (mm) 20GP 40GP 40HQ
JFC-2/2 2000 x 1045 x 80 2 2030 x 1100 x 90 153 324 357
JFC-2/2.5 2000 x 1295 x 80 2.5 2030 x 1350 x 90 122 254 288