Heat Pump Tank

Air source heat pump tank:
The heat pump water tank stores heat energy in the form of hot water in heat pump system.
A fan pulls air from the surrounding space through an evaporator. Refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs heat from the air. The refrigerant runs through a compressor, which raises the temperature and pressure. Finally, the heated refrigerant is passed through the condenser coil around the tank and transfers the heat to the water. So,rather than using only the electricity in your home to heat the water.
Jinyi tank is built to be the efficient tank in the market, offers heat pump tanks, are available in a variety of capacity.
Heat pump tank characteristic:
Tank capacity available from 50L to 1000L.
Certified by Solar Keymark (EN12976), EN12897, CE.
100L, 150L, 200L, 300L tanks with Europe Union Energy Efficiency Class A.
250L, 400L, 500L tanks with Europe Union Energy Efficiency Class B.
Bigger size magnesium rod, longer service life.
Suit for air source heat pump system.


Air source heat pump system diagram

Heat pump tank specification:
1. Inner tank: Stainless steel SS304-2B / SS316L.
2. Outer tank: Galvanized steel
3. Insulation layer: PU foam, 42Kg/m³ high density
4. Tank capacity: 150L-200L-250L-300L-400L-500L
5. Heat exchanger coil: Stainless steel SS316 pipe
6. Heat exchanger testing pressure: 30 Bar
7. Heat exchanger working pressure: 20 Bar
8. Water tank working pressure: 6 Bar

Parameter table:
Model Tank capacity Energy efficiency class Heat exchanger Refrigerant   Loading Qty. (set)
(Liters) Dia. (mm) Len. (m) inlet  outlet 20GP 40GP 40HQ
JPT-150-H 150 A Φ9.52mm 25m 3/8" M 1/4" M 53 112 112
JPT-200-H 200 A Φ9.52mm 25m 3/8" M 1/4" M 39 84 108
JPT-250-H 250 B Φ9.52 / Φ12.7 30m 3/8" / 7/16" M 1/4" M 39 79 100
JPT-300-H 300 A Φ9.52 / Φ12.7 30m 3/8" / 7/16" M 1/4" M 27 54 54
JPT-400-H 400 B Φ12.7mm 40m 7/16" M 1/4" M 27 57 64
JPT-500-H 500 B Φ12.7mm 40m 7/16" M 1/4" M 24 45 48

Temperature & Pressure relief valve
- Used for tank pressure release
- Working temperature: 90 oC
- Working pressure: 6 Bar
Check valve
- Used for control one-way flow and prevent water from flowing back.
- Material: brass.
Item No. Size Quantity Item No. Size Quantity
812 007 066 3/4 inch 1 unit 812 007 002 3/4 inch 1 unit
Magnesium rod
- Used for tank protection
- Φ28 x 600mm length
Item No. Size Quantity
812 801 002 1 inch 1 unit