Pre-heated Solar Water Heater

The principle of Pre-heating solar hot water:
Jiinyi solar offers a range of high quality tanks designed especially for "Pre-heating". These tanks can be used in combination with existing electric/gas mains pressure water heaters, or even as stand alone low pressure hot water systems with the addition of electric elements or external gas boosting. 
Ideal for use as low pressure thermal stores, the Jiinyi pre-heating solar hot water heater is available with the addition internal coil heat exchanger. 
Jiinyi “Pre-heating” solar water heater provide mains pressure via a high efficiency copper / stainless steel coil heat exchanger located within the tank. Through the unique heat exchanger, cold water in hot water out immediately, which enables you to enjoy instant hot water. The hot water inside tank is only used for heat storage and exchange.
The characteristic of Pre-heated solar water heater:
1. Certified by ISO, CE. Best solution to the water quality inferiority area.
2. Pressure endurance. Heat exchange coil can withstand 6-12 bar.
3. Pre-heated system can supply instant hot water, overcome the disadvantage of traditional system, such as slow heating, long time waiting. Comfortable hot water enjoyment.
4. No water scale, high efficiency. Water in the tank wouldn't be used just to heat the coil, the water in the tank will keep hot and no scale.
5. anti-freezing:
Because of all hot water in main tank, the feed tank won't be frozen. It can be working well in -10deg.C. - good performance in rainy & cloudy days.
6.more capacity:
Because the water in tank doesn't be used, in fact the circulation is not only water in the tank but also water in the tube. So for example 300L, actually it has 400L in whole system.
Pre-heated solar water heater Schematic diagram:

Technical Parameters:
Inner tank: Stainless steel 304-2B / 316L.
Outer tank: Galvanized steel / stainless steel.
Insulation: Polyurethane foam, 42 kg/m3.
Bracket: Painted galvanized steel / stainless steel / Aluminium, 20-45 degree angle.
Vacuum tube: Borosilicate glass 3.3, ALN/AIN-SS/CU coating.
Heat-exchanger: Copper / Stainless steel pipe.
Working principle: Direct working withstand pressure.
Capacity: 150-300 Liters are available.

Pre-heated solar hot water anatomical map
Parameter table:
Model Vacuum tube System Capacity(L) Person No. Loading Qty. (set)
Dia. / Len. (mm) Qty. (pcs) 20GP 40GP 40HQ
JPC-15 58 1800 15 150 3 52 112 130
JPC-18 58 1800 18 150 3-4 48 96 110
JPC-20 58 1800 20 200 4 42 88 98
JPC-24 58 1800 24 240 5 35 73 86
JPC-30 58 1800 30 300 6 28 62 68

Optional Accessories:
Assistant tank
- Material & Color same as solar tank
- Capacity: 5L - 20L
Magnesium rod
- Used for tank protection
- Φ22 x 300mm length
Item No. Size Quantity Item No. Size Quantity
821 820 004 3/4 inch 1 unit 812 801 001 3/4 inch 1 unit
Electric heater
- Material: Incoloy 800
- Super anti-corrosion& heat conduction, dry-heat resistant
- Connection size: 1 inch
Thermostat electric heater  
- Material: Copper /  Incoloy 800                   
- Regulating temperature: 30-85℃             - Connection size:  1.25 inch   
Item No. Power Quantity Item No. Power Quantity
812 900 191 1500W, 2500W 1 unit 812 900 192 1500W, 2500W 1 unit
Controller (luxury version)
- Used for pressure solar water heater
- Automatic operation
- Water temperature display
- Intelligent control electric heater
Controller (economic version)
- Used for pressure solar water heater
- Automatic operation
- Water temperature display
- Intelligent control electric heater
Item No. Voltage Quantity Item No. Voltage Quantity
812 007 609 110V/ 220V 1 unit 812 007 007 110V/ 220V 1 unit