Welcome to attend the 115th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
Welcome to attend the 114th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
Welcome to attend the 113th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)
Jinyi Solar Team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Jordan passes new building codes requiring solar water heaters on all new commercial and residential buildings.
China Import and Export Fair(Canton Fair) 112th
Standard Bank registers solar water heater CDM programme
Austria: First Federal Incentive Programme for Solar Water Heating
China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) 2012
Mirror Carousel to increase efficiency of tower power stations
White House solar water heater taking "longer than expected"
Sep. 27th to 29th, 2011 - Jinyi to Exhibit at the Green Expo of Mexico 2011
Solar Impulse aeroplane arrives in Paris for air show debut
Jinyi Solar on the Energy Indaba 2011 South Africa
Israel's Special Relationship with the Solar Water Heater
Top 10 Solar Energy Trends for 2011
Energy Indaba 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa
Solar water heater among bank-funded projects in East Africa
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Canton Fair in October 2010 (JinYi solar water heaters)
global investment and other trends in green energy
China establishes world’s largest solar heating system
Merry Christmas
Solar water heater program benefits from federal funds
Framework in place for big solar-water heater vision, but funding needs firming
Solar water heater rollout target easily attainable Peters
Solar Water Heaters Now Mandatory In Hawaii
Solar Manufacturer Offers Advice & Solar Primer for Smart Solar Shopping
3 of 4 Americans okay more taxes to help environment
It takes a world to fight climate change
Huzhou City, started a comprehensive energy conservation and emission reduction in rural areas
Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern : China is the solar energy industry leader in
China electric water heater 's first has been the world energy-saving Awards
Beijing warm golden sunshine project
Beijing new commodity stipulated by solar water heating system can be installed
Application of solar energy on building a huge development potential
21st century is the century of renewable energy, solar century
Start the Great Hunnan Shenyang comprehensive regional development in the old city building to solve
New type of solar water heater is too eye-opener for people Fair favorites
The combination of solar energy and architecture
China's solar energy technology that former U.S. President marvel
solar energy market should be blamed industry itself cold
Solar 's "beautiful era"
Linhe rural quietly blowing "low-carbon wind"
Water heater market is competing together in the "space war"
Macro to remind low-carbon condensing gas water heater is still the mainstream
Nanya town of solar water heaters, "favored" farm
Guard against counterfeiting attack Jiemi solar water heater business
Enterprise cost heater blasting industry: 22% profit channel
Will become the mainstream flat-panel solar water heater
Sources and sinks of peasant living standards rise, "low-carbon life"
Roof mounted solar energy , property say
" GB "lack of trade -name into a hidden army
Solar water heater product certification and testing training success
Whose " solar energy " leaks water?
Solar energy efficiency standards for the forthcoming trade
Tube solar water heaters the most important good or bad
A strong wind blowing through several sets of solar water heaters were overturned
Press conference on national climate change program
Scale solar thermal industry dominated the global call policy Dongfeng
Poll: Most Americans want local action on global warming
Buy a solar water heater have to "smuggling"?
Home appliances to the countryside before the July sales increase 2.4 times
Solar Hong Kong - present applications and future prospects
China to increase solar water heater coverage by 50% by 2010
White Paper published solar water heater costs
Much to accomplish the development of green building
Solar energy bathing to revolutionize hygiene habits in rural China
Energy technology co-op helpful to ASEAN's rural development
Nanning 10 pilot counties to promote solar water heater
Economic crisis, solar thermal industry, posting gains
China donates 180 solar water heaters to Zimbabwe
lightning struck by lightning weather Beware of solar water heaters
China invests 3.5 bln yuan to popularize use of new energy in rural areas: white paper
US- led air to water heaters , "five-star hot" new trend
China leads in solar water heater production