China establishes world’s largest solar heating system

The largest solar water-heating system of the world, comprised of tens of thousands of solar cells, has begun operation in China and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a massive 9,000 tons.

The water heating system, operating in Changshu in eastern China’s Jiangsu province recently, is composed of solar-powered water heaters, with a heat-collector area, People’s Daily reported on Monday.

Built in an area of about 15 thousand square meters, the water-heating system is bigger than two standard pitches combined and can generate more than 1,200 tonnes of hot water.

The system is expected to help saving nearly 3.9 million yuan per year in energy costs.

In addition, it will save 3.5 tonnes of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 9,000 tonnes, sulphur dioxide emissions by 100 tonnes and eliminate smoke and ashes largely.

The solar water-heater was apparently part of efforts to keep its commitment to control greenhouses gas emissions by 2020. China says it carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP would decline by 40 to 45 per cent.